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Immigrate to the United States: US Visa Applications

Read below to get an overview of how to immigrate to the US. Then fill out our immigration assessment form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your eligibility and options.

What Are Your Options For U.S. Immigration

Thousands of people come to the United States each year to visit, work, and live. After all, America is known as the Land of Opportunity. However, in order to visit or eventually move to the U.S., an individual will need to obtain a valid visa or Green Card. This can be done through a number of pathways, some leading to temporary residence and others to permanent residence. As of 2018, the following are the main ways to move to the USA.

On June 22, 2020, the United States president signed an executive order to limit the entry of certain foreign immigrants and non-immigrants into the US. This Proclamation (that went into effect on June 24, 2020) is to restrict foreign workers from being employed in the US in response to the surge of unemployment due to the economic shutdown by the Coronavirus. Fortunately, there are still several options you have to enter the US during this period.

U.S. immigration is divided into two main categories:​

U.S. Immigration

U.S. Temporary Visa Options

People from around the world are applying for U.S. work visas in record numbers. While the job market in the U.S. is under pressure, foreign nationals are still finding great opportunities to work and live in the U.S. Countries like Canada provide a solid talent pool for the U.S. economy and immigrants have always been a steady source of U.S. employment.

Under the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), USA visa procedures have been made easier for Canadians and Mexicans to work in the United States. Large corporations, small businesses and professionals are seizing new opportunities to work in the United States. Here are some of the most common U.S. work visa applications we file:

U.S. Immigration

U.S. Permanent Residence Options​

There are a number of ways to obtain U.S. Permanent Residence, but the most common 3 are:

US Immigration Options:

Visit the US

I Want to Visit the US

The B2 Visa or known as the US Tourist Visitor Visa is for citizens of a foreign country who wish to enter the U.S. temporarily for the purposes of tourism, pleasure, medical treatment, or visiting. You must fulfil or prove all the requirements below in order to qualify for a B2 visa.

  • Prove your visit will be temporary
  • Prove your intention to depart the U.S. at end of your stay (or any extension)
  • Hold a valid foreign passport
  • Maintain a residence abroad to which you intend to return
  • You are able to support yourself financially while in the country
For more information, visit our page on US Visitor Visas.

Work in the US

I Want to Work in the US

To work in the United States, you must obtain a work visa to be employed in the country legally. There are several different types of work visas available for foreigners who are interested in working in the United States. There are a few categories that these permits are listed under such as, temporary work visas, exchange worker visas, and seasonal work visas. U.S. work visa options include:


For more information, visit our page on US Work Visa.

Study in the US

I Want to Study in the US

The United States has come to be known for its exceptional universities and high levels of education. For this reason, many international students apply each year to study abroad in the US. To become a full-time international student, you will need either the F-1 or M-1 student visa. Each of these student is a nonimmigrant visa that allows you to study in the US provided you meet a set of requirements.

To qualify for an F-1 or M-1 visa, USCIS states that you must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student in an "academic" educational program, a language training program, or a vocational program
  • Be accepted into a school that is approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program, Immigration & Customs Enforcement
  • Be proficient in English or be enrolled in classes that will lead to English proficiency
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself during the entire proposed course of study
  • Maintain residence abroad and have no intention of giving it up

For more information, visit our page on US Study Permits.

Live in the US

I Want to Live in the US

Immigrating to America as a newcomer can be confusing to learn the day to day activities in a new country. The US may be very different from your home country, which means there is a great deal to learn about and explore before you arrive here. Here are some things to think about learning about before moving so that you can adapt to the American lifestyle as fast and easy as possible

  • Government Laws
  • Banks and Financing (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Checks, etc.)
  • Health Care, Hospitals, Doctor Offices
  • Cars, Public Transportation
  • Education, School Systems
  • Grocery Stores, Restaurants
  • Housing

For more information, visit our page on Life in the US as an Immigrant.

Top Questions about U.S. Immigration

Below is a list that includes the most common questions we get asked about United States immigration.

Why Seeking Legal Help to Immigrate is Important

The immigration application process can be very difficult. These days, the rules and regulations make it increasingly difficult to qualify for a US visa. Whether you are applying for US permanent residence or temporary residence, it is essential that your application is handled properly from start to finish. This is why it can be crucial to hire a US immigration lawyer. The last thing you want is a refused case. Knowing where to file, what documents are needed, and how to respond to government requests is a key part of the application process. The biggest mistake we see causing refused applications is the lack of experience in handling immigration cases.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Wondering if it makes sense to hire an immigration lawyer? Here are some of the top benefits of hiring our US immigration lawyers to help you:

  • Know the best path to immigration - Our firm will help you determine which way to meet your immigration needs.
  • Profile accuracy - We can help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to visa denials.
  • Speed - Our professional staff will work with you to collect all the required documentation and information as quickly as possible.
  • Personalized service - Dedicated professionals will work closely with you throughout the process and will be available to answer any questions.
  • No missed opportunities - We monitor the many different programs and visas for updates to make sure you are best positioned for success.

Why Hire VisaPlace for your US Immigration Needs

Many of our clients are happy to relieve themselves of the frustrations of preparing paperwork and having to deal with government red-tape by hiring our professional team of immigration professionals. We have literally helped thousands and thousands of people successfully immigrate to the US, so they can visit, work, study or live, and we certainly can help you too! While no one can give you any guarantees, we are sure our years of experience can help increase your chances at receiving a positive outcome.

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