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Canadian and US Corporate Immigration Services

If your company requires the assistance with global migration, we can help. Your Canadian and US corporate immigration needs are our specialty. Fill out our immigration assessment form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your eligibility and options.

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What is Corporate Immigration?

Corporate Immigration is the perfect option for those who have started a business and are looking to expand there to other countries such as the United States and/or Canada. This immigration category was specifically designed for large, medium, and small companies that need to transfer their employees seamlessly across borders. When it comes to doing business, effective and efficient solutions are required for global migration.

There are vital legal steps to take when transferring employees to the US or Canada. Through a variety of services, we help to coordinate the logistics of your travelers so that every employee arrives at their destination without any complications.

Corporate Immigration Services

Whether we are representing an individual and their family or a multinational corporation, we are prepared to handle any kind of legal assistance to ensure that your cross-border business plans are fulfilled. We offer a complete immigration solution package customized for our corporate client’s unique needs. We work closely with HR Managers and company representatives to develop a plan for their employee’s cross-border itineraries.

Some of the ways that we can assist individuals or businesses include:

  • High-Volume Cases
  • Permanent Residency Applications
  • US Work Permits
  • Canadian Work Permits
  • Citizenship Applications
  • LMIA Applications

Infrastructure to Handle Many Various Visas

We are able to assist diverse clients with specific needs through a comprehensive case management portal that provides a simple and efficient way to implement, execute and monitor visa workflow applications in a familiar and easy-to-use environment. Requiring no programming or database expertise, this dynamic portal provides added value to existing organizational management and operations by linking all necessary process components into a single cost-effective enterprise platform.

Our law firm is equipped to handle very large volumes of visa applications including:

Why Professional Help Is Important

Coordinating any kind of international travel for business can be extremely complicated. The more people involved in cross border travel, the more difficult to organize and achieve success. Legal experts who specialize in corporate immigration matters are indispensable in these situations. A failure to properly address international requirements has deeper consequences than a business opportunity. If immigration laws are violated, companies and their employees can face serious civil and criminal liabilities. These kinds of serious penalties will be avoided by a competent corporate law firm that will plan the most accessible and safe route for global mobility.

Let VisaPlace Help!

We are one of the largest full-service immigration firms in Canada. Our head office is located in Toronto, but we have a number of regional offices in major centers throughout Canada and the United States supported by highly qualified and internationally recognized lawyers licensed in their respective jurisdictions.

For over 19 years, our corporate immigration department has handled Canadian and US visa applications for companies in all industries. In the process, we have assisted thousands of individuals and companies to smoothly travel across borders to do business. Whether you are recruiting a foreign worker from overseas, require an employee transfer, or any other corporate immigration needs, we are here to help!